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Simplifying the lives of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. At iVisa we endeavor to make traveling easy. Whether you need a visa, photo, passport or any other travel document, we’ve uncomplicated the process so you can focus on what’s important.

Oltre 1 milione di clienti serviti

Siamo orgogliosi di essere gli esperti più affidabili del settore. Ecco perché oltre 1 milione di viaggiatori ha scelto iVisa per ottenere i propri documenti.

10 anni di esperienza

The rules and requirements of international travel have always been hard to understand. In an effort to make it simple for people to get where they wanted to go, iVisa was born. For the last 10 years we have built a platform on top of that expertise to take the burden off of our customers with unmatched service.

Servizi iVisa in oltre 180 paesi

We began with a handful of travel corridors. From there, we slowly expanded our offerings while maintaining the same level of quality that they had grown to love. Today, we offer travel documentation and services to over 180 countries with experts located around the world.

Scala di sviluppo

iVisa has grown from a start-up to a scale-up over the last decade. We’ve built a sustainable, pandemic-proof, product offering while providing meaningful value to millions of people. As we continue to grow, quality and service will remain as our central tenants.

Azienda globale con radici negli Stati Uniti

Il nostro viaggio è iniziato in un appartamento a Miami, ma oggi abbiamo team e uffici in tutto il mondo. Da New York e Washington D.C. a Lima e Madrid, il tessuto di iVisa è globale e diversificato.


The world changes more and more rapidly everyday, the pandemic has taught us that. At iVisa, we manage the ever changing rules and regulations required for our customers to travel on a real-time basis. Our customers can always count on us to provide them with the most up to date information.

Un team globale che fornisce una soluzione a un problema globale.

Oltre 200 membri del team distribuiti in 17 paesi diversi
world map of ivisers
Image of team offsite in Peru Sede aziendale a Paracas, Perù, luglio 2022

Come siamo arrivati qui?


David & Sergio hanno fondato iVisa per l'elaborazione dei visti per l'Argentina


Visti offerti per 3 destinazioni con 6 dipendenti


Apertura di uffici negli Stati Uniti e in Europa con 15 dipendenti


Rebranding di iVisa.com e apertura di un nuovo Call Center


Apertura della sede centrale in Perù con 40 dipendenti


Ha offerto visti per 45 destinazioni e servito circa 60.000 viaggiatori.


Selezionata un'azienda Endeavor con 120 dipendenti


Integrate le dichiarazioni sanitarie e le fototessere alle nostre soluzioni di viaggio


Integriamo i rinnovi dei passaporti e i visti Schengen alle nostre soluzioni di viaggio.

I nostri valori

Pensare prima di tutto al cliente

We are a customer obsessed team. Our mission is to simplify travel for our clients. This means we are always available (24/7). We listen to our clients. We are patient. We go the extra mile. We do everything we can so our clients get their documentation easy and fast!

Mantenere la semplicità

Simplifying is part of our mission. There are many “do-it-yourself” travelers so our biggest competitive advantage is being simpler than the government. Internally, we aim to find simple solutions to complex problems. We don’t take the easy road, but we do explore if there is a simpler way to get things done.

Richiesta di dati

We are a digital company so we have all the data you need. Just ask for it! Data helps to explain things. Data guides decisions. Data confirms findings. Deep diving into data is fun! Embrace it. Our goal is to create this deep data culture so we devise and accomplish our company strategy.

Lavorare in stretta collaborazione

We are from 20+ countries. We are remote first. Our success lies in our closeness as a team. We need to communicate (mainly through Slack). We need to work across time zones and more importantly in teams. Helping each other always translates into helping our clients.

Portare a termine il lavoro

We started out as an action-oriented team. Always thinking "fast is better than slow". We continue to act fast, but with the highest standards in mind. Quality control has its own dedicated team, but they understand we need to generate output. Our wonderful platform is the result of the daily quality of actions taken.

Divertirsi e imparare

Life is hard but having fun makes it so much easier. So have fun and learn. We are cutting edge in terms of e-commerce and love to experiment. We have lots of dedicated professionals with lots of experience. So learning opportunities exist throughout the company. Seek them out and have fun!

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